Manufacturing, Distributing Surgical and Medical instruments in all over the United States and parts of Europe and South America since 1994. Offers best value products and Excellent services.

ZULCO Int’L. “Inc. History starts about four decades back when our ancestors began to produce Dental instruments and supplied these to the local market but for more than 30 years, ZULCO Int’L. Inc. Has ranked among the top of the dental instrument manufacturing & exporting industry. We diversify our business scope by developing new manufacturing lines to meet market needs. We have positioned ourselves as innovative instrument manufacturers with superb manufacturing abilities and facilities, capitalizing on our expertise and professionalism.

We have got expertise in TC placement.

We have professionals in every area of manufacturing who have significant experience over 25 years in their relevant production unit and thus can cater to the industry’s demand. With this infrastructure, our company is progressing very fast with the motto of “Total quality management and Customer Satisfaction.”
The dental instruments are acknowledged by our customers worldwide, and they are used by many prestigious hospitals and clinics in the world. We have customers spread globally.

Heading into the 21st century, ZULCO Int’L Inc. Is committed to being a progressive and innovative leader in the industry. To accomplish these objectives, we have acquired:

  • cGMP Certification by FDA
  • CE Mark Registration
  • ISO-9002 Quality Management System Certification



  • To provide “Excellent Services and Economically Prices” is the motto of our business.
  • All instruments are made of stainless steel otherwise specified.
  • Only “ Mirror-Finished” instruments are available in stock but “Satin-Finish” may also be supplied in demand with some extra charges .
  • All instruments are stamped with the words “STAINLESS” and “PAKISTAN” any other country to whom manufactured buyers own brand may also be engraved on demand, “Die-Sunk” procedure is generally used.
  • Special items can also be supplied if sketch, drawing or samples are provided to us or refer any reference from reputed catalogue for our guidance.
  • All kind of Surgical Instruments of Stainless Steel made the specific material according to its use.
  • Specification of material used in production