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Sterilizer Drum 390x200mm SKU: 30-6837-17

Sterilizer Drum 390x290mm SKU: 30-6837-18

Tube Rack 6.35×15.25x5cm for 12 Tubes SKU: 30-6805-01

Tube Rack 6.35×17.75×7.5cm for 27 Tubes SKU: 30-6805-02

Tube Rack 7.50×17.75×6.35cm for 36 Tubes SKU: 30-6805-03

Urinal female Standard SKU: 30-6845-01

Urinal Male Standard SKU: 30-6847-01

Urinal Male vertical Standard SKU: 30-6846-01

Wash Basin 300x80mm SKU: 30-6818-01

Wash Basin 320x85mm SKU: 30-6818-02

Wash Basin 330x90mm SKU: 30-6818-03

Wash Basin 350x110mm SKU: 30-6818-04

Wash Basin 400x115mm SKU: 30-6818-05

Wire Mesh Tray 240x250x10mm SKU: 30-6823-06

Wire Mesh Tray 240x250x5mm SKU: 30-6823-01

Wire Mesh Tray 240x250x7mm SKU: 30-6823-04

Wire Mesh Tray 280x250x5mm SKU: 30-6823-02

Wire Mesh Tray 480x250x10mm SKU: 30-6823-07

Wire Mesh Tray 480x250x7mm SKU: 30-6823-05

Wire Mesh Tray 550x250x5mm SKU: 30-6823-03

Wire Mesh Tray with Lid 240x250x10mm SKU: 30-6824-06